Jeanne helps career-driven business women build successful businesses while living happy lives. She does this by showing women how to step into their power and find their voice, helping them remove the unseen barriers that are blocking their peaceful productivity and confident decision-making.

Jeanne knows about the struggle of ambition, balance and hidden confidence struggles. She spent a solid decade of her early career years handing over her own voice to bosses, partners, and others she deemed “more worthy” in what appeared to be (and by many accounts was) a very successful career. It wasn’t until her health and her personal relationships both got intolerable that she decided to do a major overhaul.

And it worked! Today, Jeanne supports women in achieving their own ambitious career goals without losing their minds or sacrificing their personal relationships. She has coached hundreds of people on getting past feeling overwhelmed, saving time, minimizing effort, achieving greater joy and fulfillment, and increasing their compensation.

Jeanne works with both entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. From professional organizers, to mortgage brokers all the way to General Motors, University of Central Florida, the U.S. Navy, Walt Disney World Company, she has had the honor of coaching women as they grow into the effective and happy business people they are meant to be.

Jeanne Henningsen has an M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

When Jeanne is not elevating women to step into their power at work and home, she is hanging out with her wonderful husband, princess daughter, and three furry angels.