Who You Are

You are a successful professional woman who wants to be successful in your career without getting lost in your job. There is a lot on your plate and sometimes it is hard to remain focused and manage your time well. It can also be challenging to say “no” to additional responsibilities at work or helping out at church or for an organization that you believe in. You feel responsible for taking care of others’ needs in your family and although you have help, you carry the majority of the load. This leaves you stressed out, exhausted, and overall, feeling less joy. You don’t have a lot of time for yourself and when you do, you are unable to completely unplug and detach from work. You find yourself blending work with your personal life and although you know it is not ideal, you don’t see any other way.

You are outwardly confident and self-assured but when chatting with others in private, you express fears of not being able to do the work or perform at the level you need to.

What Your Challenges Might Be

You have difficulty sleeping, you tend to be moody and on edge, and your relationships are suffering as a result. You are working as hard as you can to keep all of the plates spinning in the air, afraid of what might happen if you let something go. You don’t want to threaten your career or let your family down. In your career, you feel like you have to do more than your male colleagues to prove yourself, you are paid less than them, and you hesitate to speak up and be assertive or more powerful than men because you don’t want to be perceived negatively. You enjoy being the nurturing one whom others can talk to and confide in.

You are confident in your work but sometimes feel like you don’t come across as knowledgeable as you should be. You want to be known in your profession and achieve greater results. You are unsure you can get ahead given internal and external barriers and are unsure you want to, given the personal sacrifices required to move ahead.

You know you should delegate more but this can be challenging. You feel comfortable providing direction and setting expectations but it can be hard to hold people accountable. You want to give them second and third chances. It can be difficult for you to toot your own horn and put yourself out there. You believe you have to do twice as much as men in order to be seen as an equal.

The Help & Support You Need

You want more balance and would like to learn how to not allow the urgent to crowd out the important. You would love to excel in your career while also having a fulfilling personal life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You want to discover your identity outside of your career. You would like to shift your perspective from believing everything matters to what truly does matter.

You know you should take better care of yourself but can’t seem to find the time. You want quick solutions to relieve stress and bring more joy. It would be a relief to lighten some of the pressure and burden you are feeling.You have been told to meditate and relax to reduce stress. This can be difficult, as it is hard for you to stop the mind chatter.

You want to learn how to detach completely from work and not feel like you have to check email while you are with family or friends.You also want to spend more quality time with your spouse.

It would be beneficial for you to learn how to sell and promote yourself but this makes you a little uncomfortable. You want to take risks but are afraid of failing.

You want to be more strategic, step back from your life, and discover what you really want and need from both your career and personal life.You realize there are emotional barriers for you to break through before this can happen.