Cheryl FCheryl F. | Education Administrator

’Achieving Balance’ were the words that caught my attention to the coaching opportunity offered by Jeanne Henningsen. Organization and time management are strong drivers in my personality. Though these personality traits can be positive, they caused my life to be out of balance.

As a result of coaching, I was able to achieve many positive results. I no longer work into the evening hours to answer all emails sent each day. I have realized that household chores can wait another day. Most importantly, I now spend more time with my husband and doing things that are important to me like reading, playing the piano, etc.Thank you, Jeanne!”

Bobbie EllisBobbie Ellis | Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner

”When I started coaching with Jeanne, I was having trouble trusting what I wanted and going for it. This program helped me focus on what I wanted, provided steps to move forward, and created the space so I could trust my intuition. I am now more organized, manage my time more effectively, and have grown my business! I would definitely recommend Jeanne to other women.”

Ann SpangAnn Spang | Assistant Director, IHMC

“I believe God places people in our lives for a reason and Jeanne was placed in my life at a critical juncture where I found myself at a crossroads without direction or a sense of purpose. I had been experiencing severe loss at many levels and facing some major health issues. I was struggling.

Jeanne helped me determine what was important to me, my life’s goals, and creating a “Vision Board.” I became more focused and began to find new meaning in my life. Having Jeanne hold me accountable for the actions I committed to was a key factor for me.

I worked on some key problem areas, took some risks that brought rewards, and began to rebuild my confidence. As my confidence grew, I adopted a new attitude and a far more positive outlook on life. I found my purpose, and started making decisions with that purpose in mind. Today, I look forward to what life has in store for me. It is an exciting time!”

Staci McDonoughStaci McDonough | Director, AHA

“Jeanne’s 7 strategies for regaining balance helped me focus on what I want and need and as a result, I am more productive, I enjoy my kids more, and I have lost 30 pounds! THANK YOU!!!”


Unkonda SawyerUnkonda Sawyer | Manager

“When I started coaching with Jeanne, I needed direction in starting a non-profit and was considering looking for a new job. I instantly connected with Jeanne! She listened intently, was able to relate to my situation, and it felt like I’d know her a long time.

As I shared my situation with Jeanne, she was able to identify fear as a key component in my hesitation. This surprised me because I am a go-getter but I realized she was right. As a result of working with Jeanne, I have greater self-awareness, I am more assertive which has made me a better leader, I make decisions easily and with greater confidence, and I have a new job!”

Sara Sosa

Sara Sosa / Owner, Manager, Stylist

“It’s an unsettling feeling to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, with Jeanne’s guidance, I have learned how to make choices that have made my life much easier. The tools I’ve learned will stay with me as daily and weekly practices. Thank you, Jeanne!”


Manny DuarteManny Duarte, MBA, MPA, PMP / Computer Science and Business Education Teacher at DoDEA

Thank you so much, Jeanne, for helping me find my true calling! At this point in my career, I wasn’t sure it was possible. Your guidance, patience, and support invigorated my pursuit of my dream job.

I realized I needed to stop talking about change and start dedicating myself to instituting the steps necessary to make it happen. There is indeed a way to achieve your personal and professional goals and dreams! I know because I now have my dream job and it is amazing! Thank you, Jeanne!

Michelle Stone, Commercial Relationship Officer / Gateway Bank of Central Florida

When I started coaching with Jeanne, everything important to me seemed to have equal priority. I had difficulty staying focused and needed more accountability in achieving my goals. Through my work with Jeanne, I have been able to clearly identify my true priorities, focus on what is truly important, and hold myself accountable. I am much more relaxed, feel less overwhelmed, and have much greater focus which has helped me achieve greater success.

SarahLankesterSarah Lankester, Financial Consultant/ Photographer 

I felt a need deep within myself that I was supposed to be doing something else. I didn’t know exactly what “it” was but knew I needed to explore it further. The Charmed Life by Design Group Program gave me the courage and inspiration to leave my current position and search out the life that I felt calling me from deep within. I am now on an amazing adventure traveling and pursuing my passion for photography! I could not have done this without the support and coaching from Jeanne and the group. I know I’m going in the right direction and WILL design the life of my dreams. Thank you, Jeanne!

KarenHatchKaren McAteer Hatch, / VP / Commercial Banker / CenterState Bank

Working with Jeanne in this program has changed my life! I was able to evaluate my options, formulate a rock solid plan, and take the necessary actions to achieve the success I had been wanting. I have greater fulfillment and joy and have significantly improved all of my relationships as a result of working with Jeanne. She is the most professional coach I have never worked with and I would recommend her to anyone.